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Aug. 15th, 2017 11:56 am
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so I'm finding in my reading and desire to read, that I've developed what I'm calling book paralysis. This is not the first time this has happened, but I'm noticing it keenly enough that I thought I might write about it today and see for how many of you this might also apply occasionally.

Currently, I have at least two books on my Kindle that I'm working through.. in reality, I have quite a few others waiting, but I wanted to see about making progress on these two, and one is a classic. I know many of you have read it. But it is a bit long and it is ok, though as I read it, I find that I look at how much more I have to read and for all the crisis and convolutions of the first half of it, it feels odd that I'm only halfway through it. It is dragging in it's own way, like an orgasm that you feel building and building, but stubbornly refuses to pitch itself over the edge. Will I be able to keep up the momentum to get to a point where the book pulls me in deeper on its own and gives me reason to voraciously consume the rest? Or am I going to have to circle and circle around it enduringly hoping that the payoff and pain will be worth this work? It has currently sat unread for weeks now.

Another book I've started but almost immediately stopped reading was a nonfiction book. One that might prove to help me be a better human, but which seems written from the perspective of the already enlightened and not from one like me who is still debating the merits of change much less committed to getting there. I say it is very fluffy, but what I guess I mean by that is that ideology presented in the book is very well regarded, but the text feels very cheerleadery and I find myself turned off by it. We're going to teach you the way of things, but we're going to make sure you drink the koolaid first. That has sat unread one or two chapters in.

So those were the two books on the docket. I suspect I will want to start a third so I keep moving forward on things I want to read, but in the meantime, the feeling of leaving those two books sitting... idle... leaves me not wanting to open my Kindle. It's odd. It is a sense of guilt of abandoning these things. One I want to read (as difficult as the text seems to be making the story), and one I need to read but kinda can't. Instead of removing them from my Kindle, they sit there taunting me, and turning me off the idea of reading altogether. It's.. interesting. I understand the mechanisms at work, and I've finally decided to face it head on and deal with the issue by 86ing both books and picking up the next thing I truly want to read and enjoy. I may trim out the on-deck list as well. I figure those books will always be available to grab later, and in the meantime, I won't feel this weird guilt and aversion to picking up my Kindle.

In their place, I have the first of the Bern Saga series by Hugh Howey that I'm looking forward to starting. It is older than his Silo series and some of the newer stuff yet, but I've heard good things, and I'm looking forward to it.

On the topic of Hugh Howey, if you have not read the Silo series, I highly recommend it. The Wool Omnibus is a great place to start. Also, the Beacon short stories are also delightful.
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I'm really excited about this. I stepped outside my comfort zone and volunteered to write a monthly Column about Marvel comics over at Women Write About Comics.

My first post went up today and you can read it here.

This is my first time in a long time writing for an audience that isn't people I already know and I'm both nervous and excited about it. Mostly excited, I think. Ask me again when I have to put together my August post.

Papa needs a new pair of shoes!

Aug. 9th, 2017 09:09 am
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July flying and gone, and August nearly half over.

Papa did get a new pair of shoes. Nothing like the feeling of actual support when you've been wearing broken down old sneakers that barely stay together.

The truck got new shoes too! I'd been slowly putting aside money via my YNAB budget for the big day, and I finally got to pull the trigger this last week. The last time we had a little rain a few weeks ago, I was sliding all over the place, so it will be nice when we finally get some rain to wash away all this crap in the air, and to feel like I'm not going to slide off the road.

And you know.. the heat. I've been trying to not complain too loudly, but it is amazing how emotionally draining it is with the weather the way it has been. Add to that the smoke, and instead of a bright blue place where some people are happy, it's been this post-apocalyptic arid wasteland feel to it. I know I joke, but I'm not really that thrilled about living in FallOut.

The budget thing has been helping a lot. It is really freaky to pay for big things in cash. I appreciate a lot of people do that all the time, but it feels weird for me.

In other news, we attempted a small garden this year, but I think between the heat and the fact that we got a late start, we're not getting a lot in return. We ended up growing a variety of spinach that was strange.. It had spikey things on it and the leaves weren't that big. And I never realized how long it took for rosemary to grow. I know given room, it will go crazy and you'll end up with a huge bush, but apparently when you're just starting out, it takes time to work itself up. We also had a cluster of thyme plants that got decimated by some sort of pest. We can't really figure out what it was. We just came out one day, and noticed that where once were healthy and successfully growing thyme starts were now bare stems. No evidence to tell us what did it. We had a single thyme start growing in a different box, and that one was left untouched, as was everything else. It is weird.

We recently enjoyed the DVD release of our latest Eleusyve production, the Rite of Jupiter. A lot of work went into it even after the hard work of the crew and cast, and I believe we created our greatest show to date. If you haven't seen it, you should. :-) It is always wonderful to see our work put together and produced in this way. And it was really great to gather with friends and cast members and some old friends to share in our work.

We've also been contemplating the next stage of moving. I think we really want a house in the next iteration whether it is renting or buying. I suspect renting will be the plan to start. Part of it is space.. Part of it is privacy. I'm hoping we'll be able to find a place that makes our home space easier to work with and better for us all.

More to come. :-)

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Aug. 9th, 2017 12:04 am
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- Turning on bedside lamp.
- Turning off power-bars.
- Walking up, looking me in the eye, and slowly and deliberately pulling my mouse cable out of the USB port.


Actually usually the first two are Ladybug, who likes to lounge gracefully beside my bed, heedless of whatever pointy switch is in the way. Sammy's more the wild hunter-cat type. He will capture the mouse! And the toy lettuce! And the uncovered body parts! OW THOSE ARE MY BODY PARTS STOP THAT! But then he flops over on my toe and begs for pets and I forgive him.

Bupropion is going very well so far. It's way, way too soon for any direct effect on mood to have happened, but a side effect is insomnia, and my headaches make me sleepy and my headache meds make me REALLY sleepy, so having some insomnia to fight against my hypersomnia is... really great. I'm awake! Appropriate amounts! Being awake is nice! Sadly this is the type of side effect that many people become tolerant to and so fades with time, but maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones who keeps it. In the meantime, enjoying the awakeness and have been going for walks, which is nice despite the smoke. SO MUCH SMOKE. I saw some lovely purple roses with big fat shiny rosehips today on my way to get more injera, which is now my Tuesday Leaving The House habit. Until I get sick of injera. So... never?

I got to see my cousin the lawyer-violinist today! I should visit him more often. I keep thinking he still lives in Toronto, but he moved to BC ages ago and now lives like, 5 blocks away. Anyway, he is clearing our late grandmother's effects out of her apartment and storage unit. She died 19 years ago, but it took that long for someone in the family to finally go GAH WELL SOMEONE HAS TO and get around to it. Heh. Okay it's a bit more complicated than that but not much. Anyway, he dropped off my requested mementoes: some awesome 70s casserole dishes that I remember gramma making things I would refuse to eat in, and a really great floral tea service for Greg to have tea parties with. He was VERY pleased to find it here when he came by this afternoon, and has picked out his favourite flowery cups and put them in the least cat-accessible cupboards of the play kitchen. (I wisely picked the cheapest set of tea cups gramma had in case of cat/child accidents. The Limoges set should go to someone else.)


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