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This was supposed to be on the bottom of my last post, but for some reason, it wasn't.  So here it is.

And the followup:

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YouTube - The Daily Mail Song

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Ok, this is both hysterical and illustrative of why I dislike the TSA security protocols. I don't personally care if they see or touch my junk. I would happily strip naked and walk through the scanner if it just meant getting through the line faster.

I dislike the TSA security protocols because they don't actually work. There's a reason the term "security theatre" was coined, and why it's appropriate here.

Adam Savage: TSA saw my junk, missed 12" razor blades

The TSA isn't the most respected of governmental agencies right now, but at least it comes by the poor reputation honestly. The lack of standards, inconsistent application of searches and policies, and occasional rude agent all combine to make flying an unpleasant experience. It's often derided as "security theater," which describes the experience of Mythbuster Adam Savage before a recent flight.

Savage was put through the full-body scanner, and while he joked that it made his penis feel small, no one seemed to notice the items he was carrying on his person. The video tells the rest of the story.

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Seeing as this is tomorrow, I suppose I should post it, just, raise awareness. Or something.

(Not safe for work, due to language, adult themes, and the high likelihood of the viewer making inappropriate outbursts of laughter and/or astonishment.)

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Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about. You might think you have an Internet, but you don't, 'cause these guys just won it.

(My only disappointment with this song is the complete lack of love for legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg. That seems a grievous omission in an otherwise outstanding work.)
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Some call Larkin a misanthrope, but here I'd just call him a fellow introvert.

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This is 50 minutes long, but I think it's absolutely essential viewing.

Stephen Colbert quite obviously plays a character named "Stephen Colbert" on The Colbert Report, and I think it's quite interesting to realize that, in many respects, Jon Stewart plays a character named "Jon Stewart" on The Daily Show. Every so often, like here, or in the Crossfire interview a few years ago, he drops the jester act and lets you see the very serious, passionate, and concerned person behind the comedian.

Take the time for this. It's fantastic.

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Whatever you think of The Sun and its "Page 3 Girls", this is a great lampoon of the Old Spice commercial.

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Especially for [ profile] kitanzi, who left a place as awesome as New Hampshire just to be with me.

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This is delightful. I'm now ready for Christmas

(h/t [ profile] elgecko
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Wow, what a cool little video.

Vanishing Point from Bonsajo on Vimeo.

(tip of the hat to Andrew Sullivan over at The Atlantic)
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This one goes out to all you art majors out there -- and anyone who ever had to sit through an art history class. Thanks to [ profile] sotto_voce for pointing it out to me!

Warning: while visually SFW, it does contain some bad language.

(Here's the link to the page on YouTube)


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